Klub ESKAPADA (Escapade Club)

Outings – this is an idea for active and pleasant spending of time – to go somewhere, to see something and meet nice and friendly people. Our “classic” traditional outings have a form of hiking – a walk that takes place regularly, once a month, on Sunday, somewhere in the vicinity of Warsaw. We take a bus or a train or go by car, and then, chatting, we walk about 15 km. The first walking Escapade took place in 2000 and we have managed to continue this tradition so far! Among Escapades lovers we organize trips during long weekends and the New Year’s Eve celebration as well as two-week cycling holidays.

List of Escapades in Polish:
List of longer Escapades in Polish:

What is it all about?
Actually it’s not “what” that is important but where and with whom. The creator of the idea of cyclical Escapades and the driving force of that joyful venture is “Ms. President”, called Beata, supported by regular and “irregular” trip participants. Were it not for the participants …. there would not be the organizer, either.

Who are we? A group of (usually busy) friends and acquaintances. We are 30, 40, 50 years old (30-year-olds predominate) and have our own worlds and yet something in common. Our group includes singles, couples and married couples (these are often persons who met thanks to Escapades 🙂 ). We like one another, like other people and like to do something together and do something for others :-). We try to spend at least one Sunday a month on a trip. We managed to do that more than ninety times so far…. We’ll keep trying!
Where are we from? In general – from Warsaw, however we were on occasions joined by guests from Cracow, Gdańsk… and even Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal. Our trips (during holidays and the New Year’s Eve celebration) attract also persons from Białystok, Rzeszów or Olsztyn.

Formal information
“Klub ESKAPADA” became an ASSOCIATION. The decision to establish the Association “Klub ESKAPADA” was taken at the founding meeting held on October 18, 2009 in Warsaw.
The Association “Klub ESKAPADA” was primarily established to promote walking and cycling and other forms of active leisure time and it also includes objectives of public benefit in its statutes:
– preservation of national traditions, cultivation of Polish culture and the development of national, civic and cultural awareness,
– promotion of sightseeing, physical culture and sport, culture and arts, protection of culture and tradition
– maintaining the European cultural heritage.

Data concerning the Association:
Klub ESKAPADA, Warsaw
www.klubeskapada.pl; klubeskapada@interia.pl
KRS 348145; Regon 142239484; NIP 1132794612

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